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About Senior Pages

Village of Change® is an online platform dedicated to supporting high school seniors. During these unprecedented times, now more than ever, we wanted to provide a free platform specifically to honor the Class of 2022. We wanted each and every one of you graduating high school this year to be celebrated and congratulated for your achievements. Thus, Senior Pages was born!

Senior Pages was designed by a high school teacher who saw the need to create a supportive environment for students during this difficult time. Much like in an actual yearbook, Senior Pages is an opportunity for graduating seniors to highlight their achievements and successes as part of the Class of 2022!

Highlight your senior year!

Successes, achievements, senior photos, awards….we want to celebrate it all!

Simply create a profile (it's free!), write a short bio, highlight your accomplishments and add photos. Choose to make your profile public or private. Making your profile public allows others to see it and congratulate you by signing your page. Making your profile private allows only those with the personal link to view it and only those with the personal link may congratulate you by signing your page. Senior Pages is meant to build community and unite together celebrating all high school graduates from the Class of 2022!

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

— Nelson Mandela